ACTION Online Programme

Centre for Pain Research

ACTION for Chronic Conditions

You have been randomly allocated to the experimental group, which means you can begin using the intervention right now. You may have just completed our questionnaire, so feel free to take a break first - we have emailed you a link to the programme so you can return and register when you are ready.

What you can expect:

As it's your first visit to the site, you will have to register an account. Please use the email you just entered, and make a note of your account details. You will need them to log in again for later sessions.

Once you have registered, session one will be available to you on the session page. Session one is the longest, taking about 30 minutes, so feel free to take a break now and start when you are ready.

Sessions consist of videos and text. They are designed to be completed one session per week. You will receive an email each week to remind you to log back in for your next session. Try to set aside time free from distractions each week to participate.

You can replay previous sessions once they are completed, and downloadable files will be made available at various intervals through the programme. Feel free to replay these sessions or revisit the exercises if you like, but please aim to complete new sessions at the intervals at which they are emailed to you.

If you are ready now, you can follow the link below to begin. If you prefer to wait, you can save the link or find it in our email to you.